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Tire & Wheels Care

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    PRODUCT CODE:F015 • Emergency tire sealant & inflator is designed to quickly seek-out and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks. It is 100% applicable to breach within 6mm on tubeless rubber tires of cars, motorcycles, electrical bicycles. No jack nor tire-change is needed. One step procedure of tires pumping and repairing is finished in seconds. It can also be filled into new tires to prevent unexpected leakage. Non-toxic and odorless. No corrosion and no damage to the tire. USAGE DIRECTION: 1.If possible remove object causing puncture. 2.Shake the can well before use. 3. Screw connecting tube firmly onto tires valve. 4.Hold the can upright-button uppermost-remove protector cap-press button until tires appears firm. 5.After pumping is finished, disconnect both ends of the tube. Immediately drive 3-5 km to allow the sealer to spread in tires and mend the puncture. Then check and adjust tires pressure.
  2. Flamingo WHEEL & RIM CLEANER 500MLFlamingo WHEEL & RIM CLEANER 500ML

    Flamingo WHEEL & RIM CLEANER 500ML

    Your wheels are constantly under assault by grease, road grime, and brake dust that get baked on during the intense heat of driving conditions. Our Triple-Action Formula is specifically formulated to attack ALL THREE---grease, road grime, and brake dust - dissolving them to reveal your beautiful, shiny rims. Safe for wheels when used as directed USAGE DIRECTION: 1. Clean one wheel at a time. 2. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves. 3. Wet cool wheel with hose. 4. Hold bottle 6 inches from wheel and completely saturate wheel with cleaner. 5. Allow liquid to penetrate for 30 seconds. 6. Wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. 7. Thoroughly rinse wheel. 8. Dry with a soft, clean towel to prevent water spots. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Kangaroo Tire Foam & Shine from KOREAKangaroo Tire Foam & Shine from KOREA

    Kangaroo Tire Foam & Shine from KOREA

    Kangaroo Tire Foam & Shine: A special aerosol product designed for cleaning, shining and protecting tires in easy method. Just spray on tire and walk away. Features: • Great high gloss shine • Fast and easy to use • Long lasting Directions: • Remove the dusts and dirt on the tire. • Shake can well before using. Spray 2-5 inches away form the tire. Ensure well, even spray on tire. • Do not spray on wheel, break direct and tread of tire. • Allow 5-10 minutes to dry up the foam. Cautions: • Do not use on near glass. • Avoid eye and skin contact. • If eye and skin contact occurs, flush eyes and skin • With water for least. • Do not ingest. If swallowed, rinse mouth and drink a glass of water. • Keep out of reach of children. • Keep away from heat, sparks and oen flame. • Do not expose to heat or store at temperature above 120°f. • Do not puncture or incinerate. • Do not spray on naked flame.
  4. Carall Car Wax Prevent Fading Polish Cleaning Car Beauty 500ml from JapanCarall Car Wax Prevent Fading Polish Cleaning Car Beauty 500ml from Japan

    Carall Car Wax Prevent Fading Polish Cleaning Car Beauty 500ml from Japan

    Made in JAPAN 500ml
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    Flamingo Tire gel SetFlamingo Tire gel Set

    Flamingo Tire gel Set

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    Adopting special formula, this product is made by water-proof polymer technique combined with ozone, can keep the tire a fresh luster for a long time, prevent it from cracking, aging and fading and prolong the service life of tire if use regularly. High gloss for your tyres lasts weeks, not just days ...... even through heavy rain. *Tyres stay black with a rich high gloss. *less mess with no over spray, no drips and no more stained driveways. *Save money by lasting longer. USAGE DIRECTION: 1. Clean tires before application. 2. Shake it well before using. 3. Apply medium amount of concentrated gel on a foam applicator or soft cloth and spread evenly across clean, dry tyres. 4. Wipe off excess(especially in grooved areas) to prevent spin-off which may permanently stain certain plastics. 5. For even higher shine, apply a second coat after waiting 10 minutes. 6. For less shine, wipe the tyres immediately after application with a soft cloth, if you see any blemishes or streaking reapply to that areas. 7. Do not apply to vinyl or painted surfaces, bicycles or motorcycles.

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